Tremblazz - Zither Unlimited

Pop, Jazz, Latin and original songs handled with care & zithers

Both the stringing and the playing technique associated with the Viennese tuning of the zither arose in mid-19th-century Vienna and were first described in 1859. Since 1949 the sound of zither has gained international recognition for the famous film-theme of  'The Third Man'.
Its tuning and technique are still used today in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Styria and where granted Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria by UNESCO in 2017.

Typically linked to traditional Austrian folk music Tremblazz reaches to show different angles to this almost forgotten Austrian instrument.  Trying to exceed the instrument's limits different musical styles are presented in their repertoire.

Zither is more than an old instrument. It lives in music. Therefore Zither-Virtuosi Monika Kutter, Barbara Laister-Ebner, singer Christina Bachler and percussionist Maria Klebel adduce the evidence.

Vocals, Flute: Christina Bachler
Zither, Vocals: Barbara Laister-Ebner & Monika Kutter
Percussion, Vocals:  Maria Klebel