2012 the enjoyment of music, the desire to experiment and a certain curiosity to push the limits of the instruments, brought the versatile singer Christina Bachler together with the experienced zither duo Monika Kutter and Barbara Laister-Ebner.

With their newest member Maria Klebel on the percussion set since 2017, the repertoire includes arrangements of jazz-, classics-, pop- interpretations, as well as rock tunes, which  the quartet supports through the sound of rare e-zithers. Original compositions with influences of classical, pop, jazz and world music show once again the variety of possibilities the Austrian traditional instrument can be situated in.

Christina Bachler

Christina Bachler: Gesang, Flöte

Born in Mödling, educated at Jazz Singing at the Vienna Conservatory, she appears in traditional formations as the vocal trio Musici Ecclesiae, as well as the Brazilian-styled sparkling Naked Bossa Club and the playful and surprising formation thE KindeR. Changeable, gentle and full of power. Also active in a radio show on Viennese Radio Orange 94.0, Radio Untertag - Unterwerksbau Österreichischer Musik.

Monika Kutter


Born in Vienna: classical beginnings, brilliant technique, and open ears. She arranges the unusual arrangements with Christina Bachler and discovered that Johann Sebastian Bach, Astor Piazzolla and Sarah McLachlan have actually composed for the Zither.

Barbara Laister-Ebner


Born in Vienna, classically trained at the Margareten Music School, perfected at the Vienna Conservatory, virtuoso in the Vienna Zither Ensemble and the Vienna Zither Teacher Quartet, and successful as a soloist from the Burgtheater to the Ludwigsburg Festival and guest appearances in Iran and Japan and at the Neujahrskonzert-Vienna with the Vienna Philharmonics 2018.

Maria Klebel


Born in Linz, training in classical percussion and drumset. Currently playing in several bands
(for example Musical Band of the Linz Music Theater & European Brass Ensemble) and various classical orchestral productions.